Sunday, October 6, 2013

South Whidbey Academy
Expeditionary Place-Based Learning
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Regular Tuesday Expeditionary Program
Fall 2013
(This page is for documentation of outings to diverse spots on South Whidbey on those Tuesdays when we are not sheduled to do to the South Whidbey State Park component of our expeditionary program)

Expedition #3
September 24th
In which we bus into Langley for a very short session and try to break the town into manageable study block for future in-depth investigation of each chunk of the town by each of the 5 student groups.

On this outing the parts of the village were assigned and viewed by the 5 groups each consisting of 6 students.

The whole excursion lasted about an hour. Kids took pics of their area but no field notes were made. It also may turn-out that due to our new South Whidbey State Park program we will not make an in-depth case study of the the village by the sea but it will remain on our agenda and will certainly provide a destination for future visits along with other areas of interest on the south island generally.

The pics
(These are all student pictures and are unedited)


Expedition #2
September 17th
A walk to Langley to see how the group functions in the real world.
Walked to Langley, short solo sensory descriptive writing time, lunch and transit back to SWA for a debrief.
A good day with small exceptions.


Hudson notices the odd bird

pheasant hen with two crows


Shona shows she gets solo writing

Luna has her own style

not exactly

bus stop moments (spider web - may be invisible in photo)

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  1. Great pictures. Will look forward to the student books with their own words.