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January 7th & 14th

Sylvanus' field notes (part 1) on his time with the old Edgecliff Restaurant (now closed)
Sylvanus' field notes (part 2) on his time with the old Edgecliff Restaurant

Would you wanna live in a place like this? It’s a two story house overlooking a marina, a view of mountains in the distance, and the fun little seaside village of Langley. You are going to surrounded by water, seagulls, and some days you may even spy a gray whale. This sounds really beautiful right? Well check out the landscaping in your own yard! You have some ivy, brick work, some herbs for your commercial kitchen that can serve hundreds of people per evening (Which is exactly what you are going to need to do when they all come to gawk at the fuzzy palm tree which has no place in the northwest.)
I just can’t understand why this place is empty, and has been empty for a while. Maybe they all went to Narnia so that don’t have to pay 1.5 million to own a house like this, or maybe they went across the street to the church and are taking up an offering so they can afford to buy this place (for the Lord).
If you are feeling tempted, and want to get this house before those people across the street, you should talk to Leanne Finlay. Supposedly, she works for Windermere Real Estate, but I’m pretty sure she is hiding upstairs behind that mysterious window, waiting for company. You could find out if thats true by climbing up the wooden posts and then hanging on to the roof holder uppers, but make sure not to snag yourself on the spiky bush, or slip and fall down on the white picket fence.

Don’t believe me? Go see for yourself at 510 Cascade Ave. and take a house info sheet from the “Take one” box.


Sylvanus himself

Nevada's rendering of Dog House Tavern (now closed) in Minecraft style

Everyone seems to be pretty friendly though, they all return my smiles and some say "Hi". Their looks are pitying/strange though and I just had a thought about why may think that; Maybe they think that we're all skipping school.

     My toes are cold. I'm pretty warm everywhere else. Except for my butt which is also cold. To take my mind away from these unhappy/weird thoughts I will (try) write somthing interesting. It seems to be working at least to some degree because I am no longer bored enough to worry about butt or toes.
    Okay, so where to start? There isn't really much going on in Langey today. The people that are about in this dismal weather are decked out in water-proof jackets, fuzzy boots or rain boots, gloves, warm pants, scarfs, and the occasional umbrella. Everyone seems to be pretty friendly though, they all return my smiles and some say "Hi". Their looks are pitying/strange though and I just had a thought about why may think that. Maybe they think that we're all skipping school.
     There is one person that seems to look serious and to be actuly doing somthing outside. He is the guy that I think works at Ot and Murpheys. He has been tirelessly throwing out trash, sweeping, and surveying the front of the shop. There is also a older lady that that is wearing all black that I have seen crosss the street four times from Moonraker to some shop across on the other side of the street.
    Rain drops from the overhead above me fall down and for some strange reason never seem to land at the same time. They make a rhythmic sound that is hard to describe so I will just say that they sound like pitter patters of water.

Darien above the cat condos
Close-up of the condos
Condo owner at large

Today, Mr. Snelling put me at the cat place again. I don't see any new boats, or any of the old ones gone. They're building some thing, I think it's gunna be a house. I talked to a lady, she said there is a guy named Bill that feeds the cats. And that if they're fed more than what Bill feeds them, there will be food left over, and the bird will come eat the extra food, and take the cats too. There are five houses for the cats, with new clean blankets and everything. I got to talk to Bill, he was a nice guy, kinda elderly, like 45-50. I didn't get to talk to him for long, because he came and fed the cats, then left. I saw a really nice boat pull in, it was so nice, it could have been the presidents. I saw Bill walking a dog, I'm guessing it was his. He walked my way, I talked to him a bit more, he told me he use to write for a living. Then my pencil broke, so I ran down to Erric station, and he lent me one, so I used it to write more. The guy that were building the house, started hammering harder, and I think there was a nail gun being used.


Today, mr. Snelling sat me down infront of the marina, It was also raining...(Not a fan of the rain..) There are some cool boats, I took some pictures of them. I got to see them activate the crane, That was pretty cool, They didnt move anything with it though, They just moved the bar back and forth. I also saw some seaguls, They were flying in the air, but also playing in the water, I thought it was a nice view. The dock is brown (UGGGGLLYYYYYYY) But its a stable place to walk, So i guess its okay. The seat Mr. Snelling sat me in, Is a cold, wet, cement wall, But, Its got a nice view, So i wont complain :). The sound of the waves hitting the sand, is a peacful splash, I love that sound. I saw the cute little kitty, I got a pic of it too, It didnt really seem to like me though, It kept giving me the evil eye. At about 1:00, It stopped raining :). I was sitting, Looking at the boats, and I decided i wanted one, A nice on, The one that was painted all white, But, The addons were a pretty shade of brown, and were madeof wood. At about 1:02, It started to rain again :(. I was looking out in the ocean, And i saw all these buuies, And was thinking, What are these out there for....Then i looked, And Looked, And i see boats tied to them, And realize, They are for tieing boats to.

I see, Water, Boats, Birds, Dirt, Sand, and, Wood.

I smell, Dirt, And air.


Holley doing a nice job fighting cold and hunger

I just Sat down on a wobbly bench next to Whidbey babies, I can see Katie from here. A old lady just came up and asked Caity if she was in Sylven's class and that she was his grandma I think she owned Whidbeys find fabrics and antiques but I'm not sure.The clouds are gray and it is not raining yet but the sad sky looks like it's about to burst and  throw  raindrops all over Langlye . A man walked by and his sweet cologne just filled my nose, now I feel Like I am about to puke. It is not that cold out but it still makes my fingers freeze. The cracks in the sidewalk are filled with moss and grass and the telephone pole that is Made of wood has something caked on it and is peeling up in a brown color. Vivian   Just drove by in her white car and was waving she said hi and drove away. I think the temperature just dropped 5° cause now my whole body is cold I can see Faith at the corner of the old Mike's place jumping around to get warm. A women just came out of Joe's with dreadlocks holding your little baby the babies was adorable but I don't think she should have dreadlocks it just doesn't look good. I am starving but Mr. Snelling said we can't eat till lunch so I just have to wait with a hungry stomach:( Gavie and Emma are jumping up-and-down outside the doghouse I don't know why. it's almost time to eat so I am going to stop writing.



December 3
Groups assigned to a section of the village 

Alex's rendering of the Star Store Basics Building
Star Store Basics (Photo by Alex?)


Today we went to Langley. I was set in front of Useless Bay Coffee. I really like the smell of coffee, so it was fun to sit there. Every time someone came out though, I was taunted by the smell of the delicious, warm drink. I could practically taste the coffee. Wonderful coffee. 

As I drew, I admired the wonderfully decorated building. The wreath at the top, the candy canes, the boughs of fir, all reminded me of Christmas. Only twenty-two more days until the holiday that I love. When I was given the camera,  I took picture after picture from different angles in front of the cafe. 

Then after the class met up again, Mr. Snelling bought us hot chocolate at the commons. I helped carry the warm cups to the other students. As I waited to bring more hot chocolate out I stared around the quaint little shop in wonder. The books inviting me to read a page and the sandwich menu urging me to eat  a sandwich. I must go back and get a sandwich one of these days. After everyone had finished their cocoa, we walked along the beach and I stared into the cool, salty water wondering just how icy cold the water was.

I could have stood on that beach forever, but Mr. Snelling reminded us we needed to catch the 2 o'clock bus. 

As the bus took us Away from Langley, I told myself 'I can't wait until we come back!'.
By Shona

Number 9
probably November 5th


Island Recycling


Transit 7 to Freeland
Transit 1 to Bush Point and Mutiny Bay Intersection
Walk 1 mile
along the road and then through the woods (very faint trail) to Hwy. 525
Cross highway to
Island Recycling
Meet Jill Campbell for a tour of the facility
and her homemade cookies
Reverse course
back to SWA
except transit 1 to transit 8 at Bayview
Debrief using pictures by Holley and others
Special thanks to Peter Carey
for helping and demonstrating the importance of getting closer to your photographic subject.
We had no time for field notes. Will collect our written thoughts in class.


Cutting through the woods from Mutiny Bay Road to Hwy. 525

Somethings are a little sad

if you know what I mean


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